Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sublime Sundays: Happy Easter Esther Oyster!

Those of you who know me from The Object of My Desire may remember this story, but I think it merits retelling, especially since it's Easter Sunday.

A few years back I found this whimsical oyster plate at Housing Works in New York. I loved the plate because of its life-like spaces shaped to nestle its seafood offering. And even though I don't care to eat these bivalves, I do laugh every time an old friend tells me about one of his Easter traditions.

In his small North Carolina town was a lady named Esther Oyster. Imagine the looks she must have received upon saying her name or endorsing a check at the bank. What's even funnier to me is the tongue-twister of a holiday greeting her name inspired:

"Happy Easter, Esther Oyster!"

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  1. Love your book!

    "Happy Easter Esther Oyster - From an old friend in N.C.!



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